To make your purchase easier, we offer this list of frequently asked questions. Remember that we have all your questions at our disposal for our activities. Do not hesitate to contact us:

We are here to spend the most beautiful day of your vacation with you!


Yes, all our customers have pick-up and drop-off service Hotel During the booking you will be informed about the exact time and place where they have to be. It is important to follow and be guided by the instructions in this guide in time.

*** We offer this service from all the hotels that are located from the municipality Tuineje to the municipality Pájara. When customers are Lodge in the north of the island, must travel to one Our meeting points or directly to the port of Morro Jable. It is It is important to contact us to arrange the transport on time.

In adverse weather conditions, the Excursions for security reasons. In this case we always settle Contact our customers to change their tour for another day. Yes for some reason they can not move the activity for another time, We will make the full refund of your money as long as you submit yours to buy a ticket.

If a customer can not make the trip for some reason, it has to be Get in touch with us as soon as possible new reserve or, for serious reasons, to Money back as long as you present a receipt and your ticket purchase.

You can buy our excursions in several ways: a) in ours Offices in the port of Morro Jable, b) via our site web or, c) at FULL WATER directly from us I meet at Costa Calma Beach. Please check the map for Know our exact location.

All water activities are purchased the same day at the time of purchase I meet where we did it. Please consult the map to know Our exact location in Costa Calma.

Yes, private excursions are possible. We are at your disposal for Celebrate birthdays, business lunches, meeting friends or parties among other things thematically. You just have to contact us first Manage every event you want to organize on our boats.


The tour of the Odyssey 3 takes about 4 hours and Average, since we left the port of Morro Jable until our return.

Yes, there is no age limit. For young children, it is important to take Your own car and everything you need for a comfortable journey with your family

We do everything to do whale watching. During the We drive along the coast in search of the best points the sighting and in most cases we succeed.

We would also like to remind you that the Odyssey 3 is one of the few boats the port of Morro Jable, who is authorized to sift through whales. We are officially a blue flag ship.

Each trip will be accompanied by 70 or 80 customers Adults and children; What makes the trip very comfortable and pleasant.

We left from our meeting point in the port of Morro Jable. From Please check the map for the exact location.

Yes, there are no restrictions in this regard. We even have a ramp for Load wheelchairs and suitable places to move.

We also have a team prepared to meet everyone Occurrence that occurs during the trip. On the other side we are a boat PROTECTED CARDIO.

Yes, we have services for men and women on board.

In fact, none of our meals contains gluten. We offer you Our customer bread to the menu, but it's just an option. We also have Halal chicken and a vegetarian menu for those who request it in advance.

Yes, both the transport service and the food and drink are included in the price of the excursion. On the other hand, we also have an exclusive one Cocktail service and coffee for a surcharge.

Comfortable and appropriate clothing to spend the day at sea. On the other hand, if You want to do water sports and should wear a bathing suit and a towel.

If you want to do one of our water activities on the boat, You must book it directly with our guides during the tour.

Yes, you can smoke on the boat as we have a designated area for smokers.

*** These general questions and answers are also valid for our PIRATE EXPERIENCE excursion


Not necessarily because all customers wear a vest Lifeguard before sailing at sea. Of course it would be more secure Practical to have basic concepts of swimming.

No, because it is a guided tour. Before leaving you will receive a class theoretically all our customers, with all the instructions and rules that You need to know to perform the activity without risks. This is very important Follow the instructions of the guides.

Experience in driving jet skis is not required. A 85% of our customers do this activity for the first time in their lives with us.

The minimum age for driving our jet skis is 16 years. Without The little ones can, however, make the trip as a companion.

It is an activity that takes place in the sea, so it is important to bring it with you Swimsuits or wetsuits and towels. We have at our disposal Customers so they can keep their clothes and belongings while We do the activity.

The trip takes about 1 hour.

Yes, but the transport service is only for customers who go to Run the activity. The rest of the companions can move on the beach and enjoy the activity from there.

Yes, in most cases. It is a very intense experience and Transformer, because they can be observed at a short distance.

You can drive up to two people per jet ski. The price of the tour is the same, indistinct from the people who do it.

Yes, but it depends on the degree of disability. To clarify any doubt is Please contact us before making a reservation.

Please check the map to know our exact location in Costa Calma

Buggies & Quads

Yes, to drive one of these vehicles, you need a driver's license drive type B, in force. Both buggies and quads are vehicles automatically.

The minimum age is 16 years, as long as the Type B license is valid.

The caravan of buggies and quads leaves the port of Morro Jable and has one Approximate duration of 2 hours. A total of 55 km to cover approximately.

Without any problems we should only consider that the minimum age for to go as a companion in the quads is 7 years old; in the case of buggies The minimum age is 5 years.

In each vehicle can ride up to 2 people. The caravan makes the journey with a total of 10 vehicles. Please consult the map to know ours Exact position.

Yes, we offer all this to all our customers for more security Equipment to enjoy the activity comfortably. In case of We give them goggles for buggies and helmets for the quads Screens.